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More insights on leadership

More insights on leadership

Posted by Dominique Vincent in Non classé 19 Mar 2016

Our planet is facing the biggest challenges of all times. We need strong and enlightened leaders to face them, and to reinvent the functioning of organizations to give back their innate power to everybody willing to contribute. We are all leaders by the only fact we exist. First, we have to become the true leader of ourselves. ‘King’s/Queen’s Play’ is a path to it.


Challenges leaders have to face

– Today’s leaders of big and small organizations need a broad vision. They cannot ignore the impact of their activities on the global world.

– There is a need for these leaders to have a balanced view of the world, taking into account the effort of multitude of people to improve it as well as taking into account the global war actually going on and its most prevalent impacts: fear, post-traumatic stress disorder for individuals, groups and entire nations.

– Financial pressure and uncertainty.

– Suffering in the workplace.

– Consequences of modern life on everybody: state of health, burn out, addictions…

– Fair distribution of wealth between people and countries.

– Erosion of fundamental values of service, brotherhood, love and compassion being replaced by greed and competition following a limited Darwinian vision of life.

– Bias, propaganda and distortion of medias.

– Issues related to multiculturalism, ethnicity and religious believes.


Training to meet these challenges

– Mastering conflict resolution attitudes and technics.

– Adaptability to different situations, roles and to a fast pace of change.

– Readiness for continuous learning.

– Strong personal and collective human values and readiness not to compromise them.

– Self-mastery, self-control.

– Sensitivity to all parties.

– Ability to respect one’s own needs and establish healthy boundaries.

– Personal relaxation skills and practice of some physical activities.

– Ability to approach different mindsets, cultural, ethnic, religious…

– Emotional intelligence, ability to respond, not to react.

– Ability to take decisions, even painful ones.

– Capacity to acknowledge mistakes and to ask for help.

– Ability to take everybody and every opinion into account in the process of decision-making.

– Ability to balance the competitive mindset by a win-win attitude.

– Ability to accept opponents, not crushing them, but bringing them to achieve a common goal. Opponents have often in store new resources and vision that could be of benefit to all.

– In conclusion today’s leaders need courage, honesty, tolerance, wisdom, sense of beauty, sense of humor.


Thoughts to consider for any would be leader 

– “Know thyself, be thyself”. Becoming the leader of yourself allows you to become the leader of others.

– Claim back your power! But remember that claiming back your power is not claiming power over others.

– Economy and finance are at the service of human beings, not the other way around.

– Common wellbeing is top priority over personal greed.

– If you could know the secret story of your arch-enemy, you would feel compassionate towards him even while having to defend yourself.

– ‘Cardiac coherence’ is the ultimate source of real power.

– Love of power or power of love, we have to choose.

– Politics is an act of service. Politicians are fellow human beings playing the role of public servants.

– Financial institutions should be at the service of people, not the exploiters.

– Success of a leader is to help his people to become even better and more successful than himself. In doing so, he has the legitimate right to stay in power.

– The aim of economic activities is to enhance life on this earth. Economy for the sole purpose of financial gains, announces the destruction of all life forms.

– The higher you climb on the hierarchical ladder, the more you are on duty. The ultimate servant in the company is not the cleaner but the CEO.

– Give back to money its noble and fundamental purpose, a fair-trading of goods and services, not acquisitive profits at any cost.

– The responsibility of the leader is not to be an expert in all and everything but to help experts to give their best in working together towards a common goal.

– That lives of all human beings are equally precious.


Tips on leadership

The most potent practical tips on leadership I ever met in my readings and in my personal and professional experience.

– In any case, in any situation, take the challenge, be present.

– Be the leader of yourself in order to lead others. Live first any advice you are giving or you want to give to others.

– Be intense. Bring intensity in everything you do. You will get out of life exactly what you give to life. Learn from children. A single match can start a wild fire.

– Always look at being playful in doing what you do. Boredom and seriousness are deadly diseases.

– As you are inside, so will your outer team reflects. Your inner functioning will imprint the functioning of people around you.

– Always search for win-win deals, even with your arch-competitor and your arch-enemy.

– Be authentic, vulnerable, and honest about yourself. To be real is a proof of strength not of weakness.

– Face the people, look into their eyes.

– Choose your attitudes. The moment you learn to listen to your moods and you know how to change them, you have achieved a moment of victory.

– Burn your fuel. Frustration and anger are part of life. Use them to become more alive, but avoid acting out on others.

– Make someone’s day. Each time you help someone to be more at ease or happier, you are the primary winner.

– Take care of your health. Exercising every day even for ten minutes will transform your leadership abilities. Beware of what you eat and drink.

– Develop an ever-broader vision. Look at what is happening at the other end of the world like if it was happening in your courtyard. Think of the children of the world as your own children.

– Go inside, looking at your inner world, the outer world starts to transform.

– Become aware of your physical posture related to your moods and to the challenges of your immediate environment (for example, the room you enter to deliver a speech…). This will give you presence and charisma.

– Celebrate any achievement, yours and others, and celebrate even for no reason.

– Listen more than you speak.

– Respect the people, say thank you as often as possible.

– Value emotions, even the so-called negative ones. Touch the heart of people. But, beware, it can never be a strategy, it has to be authentic. Connection and recognition are basic needs of people.

– Beware of success as it can lead to illusion and arrogance.

– Do what is difficult first. Take risk, it keeps you sharp. Face the most difficult challenges first, never avoid them.

– Put people first, ahead of results.

– Welcome failures as much as success, they will teach you more if you accept them without self-destruction.

– Walk as often as possible out of your comfort zone.

– Know when it is time to rest and when it is time to wake up.